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3 Influencer Trends to Watch in 2019

1024 576 Kaila Stein

Rewind 2018 From food to tech to beauty and home – our diverse community of creators

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1024 576 Jessica Thorpe

We are so excited to not only be at but also playing such an active role at VidCon 2017.  The growth in influencer marketing and video content is truly amazing…

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673 480 Jessica Thorpe

We are proud to announce the unveiling of our new research study, “The Influence of Influencers,” at Vidcon today.  gen.video and and Geometry Global, an award-winning shopper marketing and brand…

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884 611 Jessica Thorpe

We continue to see an uptick in influencer video during key retail merchandising periods as a way for marketers to break through the clutter with safe, trusted peer-to-peer content recommendations…

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YouTube Influencer of the Month: Haley

1024 570 Jessica Thorpe

Meet Haley – our April Influencer of the Month! She has been working with us for many years on campaigns with Sonicare, Conair and many more. She is a beauty guru…

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YouTube Influencers of the Month: Wahb

1024 574 Jessica Thorpe

Meet Wahb – our March Influencer of the Month! His channel 50YY stands for 50 years young as his goal is to stay as active and full of energy as when…

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YouTube Influencers of the Month: April and Davey

1024 688 Jessica Thorpe

Meet April and Davey – our February Influencers of the Month! They have been working with gen.video since the beginning and have multiple family friendly channels including SuperHero Reality TV and…

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YouTube Influencer of the Month: Dom

800 480 Jessica Thorpe

Meet Dom – our January Influencer of the Month! He creates epic tech reviews and unboxings on everything from the latest smartphone to autonomous tech. He started his channel 6 years…

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YouTube Influencer of the Month: Zabrena

306 306 Jessica Thorpe

Meet Zabrena – our December Influencer of the Month! She is a beauty guru who covers everything from beauty to lifestyle and parenting. Her custom collaborations with brands, such as Olay and…

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YouTube Influencer of the Month: Tomas Villegas

1024 683 Jessica Thorpe

Meet Tomas – our November Influencer of the Month! He has been a member of our community for over a year and has worked with us on a variety of campaigns.…

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