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What Role Will Video Play This Black Friday

400 252 Sergio Vargas

There’s no surprise that retailers are pushing merchants (brands that sell goods on their ecommerce sites) to optimize product pages with enhanced content. The richer the experience, the more likely a shopper is to convert. Historically, brands have been focused…

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Why are people seeing Red with YouTube’s Recent Subscription Announcement?

1024 534 Sergio Vargas

Opinions are flying over YouTube’s recent announcement to hide videos of creators who don’t sign its Red Subscription Deal There are many different types of creators leveraging YouTube as a platform to host, stream, distribute and monetize their content. It…

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Back to the Future of Advertising

601 273 Sergio Vargas

Great Scott! Its #BackToTheFutureDay. The day that’s been 30 years in the making, is finally here.  At 4:28 PST Marty McFly, The Doc and Jennifer will arrive in some made up city in California to do something about their kids!…

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How HP Leveraged Influencer Video to Target Different Buyer Segments – Shopper Marketing EXPO

686 529 Sergio Vargas

Every year around this time, the Path to Purchase Institute hosts a 3 day event for the world’s largest gathering of shopper & retail marketing professionals. The role that social, mobile and WOM continues to play in the shopper journey…

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Moms research on youTube before they buy

Moms are using YouTube more than ever and brands are starting to take notice.

1024 576 Teresa Cantwell

I think we can all agree that being a mom can be a full time job riddled with what can seem like life-altering decisions: How to potty train? What stroller is the safest? How do I address bullying? What do…

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How The Court Ruling on Fair Use of Copyrighted Content Reflects on Millennials

600 315 Jessic Thorpe

Digital media has created a vacuum in which laws regarding copyrights have become unclear. Sites such as YouTube, as well as more blatant copyright issues such as Bitorrent sites like Pirate Bay, have caused the music and movie industries to…

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Influencer Video By The Numbers: Stats You Need to Know

640 427 Jessic Thorpe

We could tell you about influencer video until we’re blue in the face, but nothing is more convincing than cold, hard, numbers. We wanted to put together a few stats that helps outline the significance influencer video has today, how…

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Featured Influencer: Arianna Jonae

640 360 Sergio Vargas

Welcome to’s third installment of our Featured Influencer blog series! Every other week we will be featuring talent from the community of creators who are using video to engage with their own communities and followings about their favorite…

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The Anatomy of an Influencer Video

500 281 Jessic Thorpe

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to look back at a recent video from one of our creators that truly speaks to the power of influencer video – timely, engaging, helpful, and optimized for eCommerce, this video…

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3 Types of Influencer Video For eCommerce

1024 576 Jessic Thorpe

Has your brand been pushing to incorporate influencer video as not only a source of marketing assets, but content to impact eCommerce? Many are, but few fully understand the best ways to leverage the great benefits of influencer video for…

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