A Cyber Monday For The Record Books

1024 683 Kaila Stein

Cyber Monday sales this year soared to new heights topping last year’s record and making it the new day to beat in e-commerce with consumers spending a whopping $7.9 billion…

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“Prime” Takeaways For Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

1024 536 Claire Preble

Since its inception, Amazon Prime Day has rivaled the sales successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year Prime Day success soared. As we take a look back at…

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Amazon Prime Day. A Deal For Influencers

1024 576 Claire Preble

Amazon Prime Day is here! A day where Prime members across the country get exclusive deals from top brands, even Amazon themselves offering some crazy discounts (psst – the Echo…

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VidCon 2018: Video Opportunities Beyond YouTube

768 1024 Alexandra Carver

YouTube has long reigned as the top online video network. While Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram have all offered video features for years, none have come close to threatening YouTube’s…

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Nintendo Switch: Game Changer?

1024 512 Jessica Thorpe

Why is the new Nintendo Switch so game-changing? We asked a few of our most beloved tech influencers who reviewed it and here’s what they had to say! Andru Edwards…

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Amazon Gift Guides: A little something for everyone this holiday season

563 396 Claire Preble

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have officially kicked off the holiday shopping season, the gen.video team is tinkering away in our workshop to make sure brands and creators…

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