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We are increasing our focus on partnering with our Clients to develop influencer video best practices. To date there has been little data published on industry benchmarks for KPIs like Viewership, Engagement Rates and CTRs. In that spirit we analyzed…

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Time to Celebrate All You Mamas Out There

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Mother’s day is a time to slow down and celebrate that special someone that brought you into this world. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with and get to know some of the most amazing mom’s…

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PODCAST: How to Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

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We’re super proud to share that our President and Cofounder, Jessica Thorpe was featured in an awesome podcast that went live yesterday. How to Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing covers must know topics including: What Business problems that influencer marketing is solving?…

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YouTube Influencer of the Month: Haley

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Meet Haley – our April Influencer of the Month! She has been working with us for many years on campaigns with Sonicare, Conair and many more. She is a beauty guru who loves sharing everything from makeup tutorials to vlogs. Haley…

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New Social Media Platforms

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We know many of our creators have strong followings on other channels and we are excited to work together now on larger campaigns that are across platform. What it means for creators All you need to do is log in…

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Amazon PC Program

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We love to share one-of-a-kind campaigns and today we’ll put a spotlight on the Amazon PC Event where we teamed up with some of the best creators in the consumer electronics space and top brands.   Austin Evans, TechSource and Jonathan Morrison were partnered…

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YouTube – A Trusted Source

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YouTube – A Trusted Source With all the news around top advertisers (including J&J, AT&T, Verizon, PepsiCo, Walmart, Volkswagen and Starbucks) pulling advertising dollars out of YouTube, we wanted to provide our point of view for how brands can leverage…

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Nintendo Switch: Game Changer?

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Why is the new Nintendo Switch so game-changing? We asked a few of our most beloved tech influencers who reviewed it and here’s what they had to say! Andru Edwards I think the Nintendo Switch is a brilliant idea from…

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Introducing On Demand, announced today at Shoptalk

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In the spirit of making influencer content accessible to all brands, retailers, we are proud to announce today at Shoptalk’s latest innovation, “On Demand” Brands/Retailers have a choice – With On Demand you can instantly access existing product videos from…

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Busy week at Shoptalk.  We’re meeting a bunch of amazing brands and retailers looking to add authentic influencer content to their commerce initiatives.  We are also very psyched to see the focus of many presentations on more effective ways to…

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